Martial Arts for the Whole Family

Unleash Your Potential

We use martial arts to help unleash your potential by improving fitness, confidence, and the ability to defend yourself while connecting you to a community of other positive, motivated people.


We are the premiere Mixed Martial Arts gym in Duluth, GA (Gwinnett County) founded and led by Bellator Welterweight Champion, Douglas Lima and brother Dhiego Lima, former UFC Welterweight contender.

As part of the American Top Team family of MMA schools, we offer a broad mix of disciplines including Cardio Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (bjj), Striking (Muay Thai / Boxing), Advanced MMA, and a world-class Kids Martial Arts program. These programs are designed for people of all levels, experiences, and ages from absolute beginner to world-class competitor.

Our experienced and professional team will help you achieve your goals.  Above all, we believe martial arts will improve every aspect of your life and help you unleash your potential.


Whatever martial arts program you pursue, you will get in the best shape of your life.  You’ll torch fat and calories while building aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.  All of our programs are mentally engaging.  Therefore, you’ll never be bored and always looking forward to the next one.


You’ll have a new belief in yourself that comes from the confidence you’ll gain through martial arts.  This confidence transcends sport and impacts every area of your life because it helps you believe in your ability to succeed in anything you try.  Above all, this will help you unleash your potential.

Self Defense

Through Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), you will learn the most important forms of fighting technique from both striking and grappling disciplines.  In addition, you will learn to remain calm in the most stressful of situations which is essential to effective self defense.


At ATT – Team Lima, we believe in Martial Arts for the Whole Family.  We foster a welcoming and positive environment.  In other words, you’ll be surrounded by a driven, positive, and supportive community to help you reach your goals.

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Martial arts with Team Lima will improve every aspect of your life and help you unleash your potential.


Our founders are Bellator Champion, Douglas “Phenom” Lima and UFC Welterweight contender, Dhiego Lima.

Douglas & Dhiego are both originally from Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil and moved to Georgia as kids.  They both began training at American Top Team under the renowned, Roan “Jucao” Carneiro and have been with American Top Team since.

While known publicly primarily as athletes and champions, they have been teaching and coaching all ages and levels for many years.  Above all, they are excited about opening their own academy and bringing the incredible life benefits of martial arts to Duluth GA and surrounding Gwinnett County.


martial artists douglas lima and dhiego lima black belts

“In my opinion, American Top Team is the BEST MMA camp in the country!”
– UFC Commentator Joe Rogan


American Top Team

As one of the most successful MMA teams in the world, American Top Team sets the standard for excellence that few gyms worldwide can match for both athletes and coaches.  While American Top Team has a large stable of professional and accomplished athletes and fighters, the vast majority of the American Top Team family are hobbyists who train martial arts for fitness, confidence, self defense, camaraderie, and fun.  In other words, American Top Team is for everyone.  Our motto is:

“Martial Arts For the Whole Family”.











If you live in the Duluth area, come try out any program and us --- on us. No cost nor obligation. We'll provide everything you need.


The supportive atmosphere alone is 10/10 🙌🏼 In addition, top tier coaching and teammates that genuinely want to not only improve themselves but also others!

My husband and I also signed our daughter up for the kids program which she looks forward to going everyday! Watching how incredible the coaches are with her and seeing her confidence grow makes this mama extremely happy!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a gym to feel like home, this is it!!

Desiree Bennett

Firstly, it’s the Mecca of Georgia MMA. Douglas and Dhiego Lima are role models. Norman Simoes is a fantastic black belt instructor and mentor. Devon has a heart of gold. Sid has wisdom and experience. Brantley is a positive force. Gaby is so kind and motivating. Jerry will be forever missed.

We are a brotherhood and sisterhood. Everyone is family. I have never received more support through tough times from any other gym. Bottom line, being here is therapy and has literally saved my life. 🙏🏽

Peter Chai

I love to be a part of this great gym, and I highly recommend it. They treat you like family and all the coaches are awesome.

Guty Amaro

The moment you walk through the door, it just radiates positivity. I’ve been to many different gyms around GA and this one stands out more than any of them to me. I give this place 10 stars out of 5. 🤘🏽🤘🏽

Chris Dean

The best training, the best fitness. Above all, the most friendly people and training partners anywhere.

Marcel Sheriff

Amazing facility, coaches, and people. Blessed to have such a great gym and community!

Brayan Amador

We love the environment, energy, and most of all the people here. That is to say, everyone is awesome!

C.J. Caballero

Team Lima has the best Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program and the absolute most amazing Kids Martial arts program.  I’ve trained with many different teams all over the country, and this is the best — period!  In other words, you are going to love it here.

Adam Sanders

If you are looking for a positive, judgment free zone to learn and grow, this is the place for you. Very flexible classes that can meet all your fitness and martial arts needs.

Sarry Pierre


Moving Announcement

Moving Announcement

We are moving - just down the street to 3650 Satellite Blvd, Suite A, Duluth GA 30096 (less than 2 miles from our current/old location).  Next to El Torero Mexican Restaurant.  We will be moving during the Thanksgiving holidays with plans for our Grand Opening on...

One Year Anniversary!!

One Year Anniversary!!

Saturday, June 26th --- Come celebrate our first year together!!  It's been an incredible year, thanks to all of our Team Lima family.  We could not do this without you, and we wouldn't want to even if we could.  Please come celebrate. 9:30AM Kids Promotions (All...

Member Series 1

Member Series 1

Meet Team Lima Member, Sarah Hazelrig!  Learn a bit about Sarah, her experience at Team Lima MMA & Fitness, and her reasons for training martial arts.

Welcome to ATT – Team Lima

Welcome to ATT – Team Lima

Welcome to the new website for American Top Team - Team Lima!  As we are nearing our Grand Opening, we are launching our full website. We hope you’ll go through it, and let us know what you think. What do you like, and what might be missing. And also — show your...